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As if we needed it: more proof that history repeats itself.

Remember the sad tale of Lux a couple of years ago?

In case you’ve forgotten, the bipeds Lux lived with called 911 after he yowled when his tail was pulled and he was kicked. He was hauled off to the pokey and forced to appear on the My Cat From Hell television show.

And now it appears that we’ve got a similar situation developing.

According to UPI, a Wisconsin couple called 911 when their cat went “crazy” and “attacked”. The cat was taken to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

None of the stories I can find have any further details. What constitutes “going crazy”? Was the cat provoked in any way? How long had the cat lived with the couple? For that matter, does the cat have a name?

The eventual outcome of Lux’s case was happy. Per his Facebook support page, he was diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, and placed on anti-depressant and anti-seizure medications. He has, apparently, responded well, and now has a new permanent home.

Hopefully, the nameless feline’s story will have a happy ending as well–and not take nearly as long to get there.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that not all emergency calls involving cats are unhappy.

The Rakyat Post reports that a cat in Kuala Lumpur alerted its human to a suspected robber. The suspect was arrested, and the cat has received praise.

And, in a delightful example of enlightened sensitivity, the cat’s desire for anonymity has been granted: the article specifically states that the accompanying picture is “not necessarily” the heroic cat.

2 thoughts on “In the News

  1. As soon as I found out that feline hyperesthesia existed, I knew that must have been what was wrong with Zackie. But she was already gone by the time I heard of it.


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