I write about the cats’ battles, political and physical, quite a lot. That’s because those are what people find interesting. How many historians recorded the great battles of antiquity–and how many bothered to devote more than a few words to daily life between those battles? Same theory.

And it’s true that they do spend a major chunk of time jockeying for position and boxing each others’ ears.

But there’s another side to their interactions.

A case in point. Several days ago, I found Rhubarb sleeping on the stairs, paw over nose, looking disgustingly cute. So I did what any sensible person would do, and grabbed the camera.

And it could have ended there, and you all would have enjoyed a cute cat snoozing.

But Kokoro heard me taking the picture, and she takes her role as Alpha Kitty seriously.

Sure, she’ll box Rhubarb’s ears if he gets out of line–or stick her nose up his butt if that’s what he needs.

Because she knows that with power comes responsibility, and it’s her job to make sure that everyone in the pride behaves correctly.

So she came out to make sure that nothing untoward was going on.

As, of course, there wasn’t. Because she knows that she’s responsible for every one of her juniors.

Even the benighted bipedal ones.

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