These Lazy Days of…

In some ways*, Tuxie is a very sensible fellow. As the weather warms up, he’s careful to stay near the water bowl.

Very careful.

* In other ways, not so much. The poor guy gets beat up a lot–most recently, he lost a chunk of skin from his cheek. Either he’s picking fights he can’t win, or he’s the neighborhood punching bag. I’m tempted to sign him up for some martial arts training in the hope that it’ll temper his aggression or give him some additional tools to defend himself.

Meanwhile, the visitors to the Cat Entertainment Device are becoming more numerous.

They’ve figured out that the feeder is too high up for any of the cats, including MM, to reach. So they quite literally flock to it. (Sorry.)

Much to Sachiko’s delight.

We don’t let her watch old cartoons. We don’t want her getting ideas about using her claws as glasscutters and going after the birds…

2 thoughts on “These Lazy Days of…

  1. You gets your fun where you finds it.

    Some cats always end up getting beat up. My Fergie, whom I always intended to lure inside, always came out on the short end of a contention with another cat. You’re a lover or a fighter.


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