More Togetherness


Yeah. Hang on a second while I get closer.

That’s better.

What better way to lead into the weekend than with a shot of Kokoro taking some time out of her busy schedule of sleeping on my pillow to hang out with Kaja?

(To be honest, this post is something of a defensive measure. Kaja’s been complaining about her lack of appearances on the blog and threatening to do something about it. Since she has unmonitored access to Maggie’s computer, we thought it best to remove her incentive to post on her own. Nobody needs hourly rants on the future of computing. Especially from a devout Apple-head)

It’s a highly unusual scene. I’d even go so far as to say “unique”.

While Kokoro does frequently hang out in Maggie’s office*, it much more common for one of the ladies to stake out Maggie’s desk chair while the other one relaxes in this footstool/condo. Until now, the only space we’ve seen them sharing is the heat vent.

* It’s actually Kaja’s den, but Maggie has acquired the naming rights.

I’m guessing that the air conditioner came on and they decided to move their snugglefest someplace where they wouldn’t have cold air blowing up their asses.

2 thoughts on “More Togetherness

  1. The best way to find out about the temperature gradients and drafts in your house is to watch the cats. My Engineer specializes in heat transfer and I think he actually consults cats to make his final calculations.


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