Ma, She’s Making Eyes At Me

It’s been quite a while since Kokoro had a Friday blog post to herself. So when she looked at me with those big, blue eyes…
…and said “I think I’m overdue for some worship,” I just had to give in.

So, on the subject of Kokoro and those big, blue eyes, here’s the view I’m treated to most mornings.

(For proper effect, show the picture full-screen and lean forward so your nose is no more than three inches from your monitor.)

Yes, she does sleep on my chest. At least, unlike the boys, she’s light enough that she doesn’t endanger the integrity of my rib cage.

4 thoughts on “Ma, She’s Making Eyes At Me

  1. I find nothing more tranquilizing than a cat on my chest. Possibly one in the small of my back. I’ll never get people who say we shouldn’t sleep with our animals.


    • I’d actually prefer not to have her on my chest most of the time. Cat food breath is not high on my list of favorite scents.

      But a cat on my back, especially when it’s sore? Oh, yes, please! Kneading and purring…it’s like having a masseuse on-staff.


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