Look Out Below!

Feeding time does not always go as smoothly as one might hope.

Allow me to assign blame appropriately. This was all MM’s fault.

Tuxie was minding his own business–also known as scarfing down food as though he hadn’t eaten in weeks, rather than hours–when MM decided the fastest way to her bowl was not to go around his rear end, but to duck under his gut.

Fortunately, Tuxie is a pretty easygoing guy. They remained in this position, both munching away, for nearly a minute before he stepped over her butt and sat down at his bowl.

4 thoughts on “Look Out Below!

  1. I get Mr. Ferguson eating out of one bowl and standing over another. To be fair, he’s the skinniest of the cats and has to have light medication to keep his appetite up and help him absorb his food. I guess he’s just getting with the program.


    • If he’s hovering over the bowl to reserve it, then I guess his meds are working.

      Though that trick wouldn’t work around here. Our gangs favor the cold, wet nose-up-the-butt trick to gain access to blocked bowls, sleeping spaces, and anything else they want. Works every time!


        • Not entirely true. Yuki’s tried it on me a couple of times when I’ve been reading in bed and he wanted to flop where I was lying. Fortunately, he hasn’t quite figured out the protective value of pajamas.


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