Homeland Security

Watanuki has extended Ooki Brothers’ Security coverage to the window in my den whenever I open the door for him.

He maintains a continual scan no digital camera could improve on, and carefully notifies me of any infringement on our turf. For example, yesterday he alerted me to this egregious incident:

Don’t see it? Look carefully to the left of the streetlight.

No? Hang on. Let me zoom in:

There you go. Two feral cats having a rather spirited political discussion.

Maybe one of these days ‘Nuki will figure out that our turf only extends to the near side of the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, his concentration on the altercation across the street led to this flagrant flouting of his territorial rights.

While ‘Nuki was busy defending us from a non-existent threat, MM was ostentatiously sleeping in the back yard.

Oh, the horror!

I can’t help but wonder if the TSA had a hand in his training or OBS’ procedures.

2 thoughts on “Homeland Security

  1. Ouch. That kind of watchfulness is what got my face nearly ripped off about a year and a half ago by Torvald. Who is just recuperating from a night in the ICU, but that’s another story.


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