I won’t say that we spoil cats around here, but the other day MM stopped by and demanded tribute just after I poured the milk on my cereal. I think Charles Schulz described the ensuing events best. I’m still not sure what else I could have done but to give her the treats she wanted.

Lest that story and the recent post on the outdoor shelters lead you to think that all of the goodies go to the outdoor cats, let it be known that the indoor crew have also gotten new quarters recently.

The Pod came first.

Sachiko is the most frequent inhabitant, probably because her size makes it much easier for her to get in and turn to face the opening. Seeing her emerge is a little disturbing.

And yes, it doubles as a bed.

Sachiko again, but we’ve seen everyone except Yuki sitting on the Pod. I’m not sure what Mr. Floof has against it. Maybe he thinks it clashes with his eye color.

The other new hangout is a more conventional condo.

Oddly, only the Tuxedoed Terrors seem interested. ‘Nuki took possession of the hammock portion almost as soon as we set it up, and we’ve seen Sachiko in it a few times.

It may be a question of opportunity. Watanuki seems to find it very relaxing, and he’s spending a lot of time in it. Perhaps nobody else is willing to try to kick him out.

6 thoughts on “Spoils

    • Ah, but do they use the stuff you buy for yourself?

      ‘Nuki, for instance, believes that clothes make the best beds. Set you pants down on the bed while getting dressed, and you’ll probably have to fight him for them. We’ve been known to put out a decoy pair of jeans.


        • Now that’s interesting. When Kaja and Rhubarb were kittens, we’d often find them in the laundry basket, but ‘Nuki seems to prefer clean clothes.

          (And for the record, Kokoro, Yuki, and Sachiko prefer whatever clothes we’re currently wearing.)


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