Home Sweet…

We’ve had some construction going on in the backyard lately. To be precise, the work is being done in the house, but the products of the effort are in the backyard.

These two shelters, the Rose Cottage and Cape Odd, are the most elaborate, but there are a couple of others not visible from the window. No two have the same design. What they do have in common are straw bedding, as much water-proofing as we can manage, and a single-occupancy limit.

I’m not, by the way, going to take credit for the shelters. They’re Maggie’s initiative all the way. I just supply some assistance in construction–which is a real joke to anyone who’s ever seen me wielding a hammer.

The feline reaction has been mixed. MM ostentatiously ignores them. We think she’s expressing her displeasure at Cape Odd occupying one of her favorite patches of grass.

Tuxie has explored the shelters, but–despite having sprayed various outside corners–never spent more than a few seconds inside.

GT, however, is quite enthusiastic about them.

He moved in as soon as the rains started, and he’s spent most of every rainy day in one or another shelter. Now that the weather is drying out, he’s back to his usual routines. But even so, we’re still seeing him bedding down in the shelters a couple of nights a week.

10 thoughts on “Home Sweet…

    • Oh, they’re kits. I’m sure Maggie will pass along a link or two.

      To be clear, those are not official names. Cape Odd was named for its color. Right or wrong, I associate that shade of gray with weathered, salt-impregnated wood.

      The design does have some issues. The roof is two chunks of wood resting on what amount to shelves. So it leaks. A little extra waterproofing is definitely necessary. A sheet of plastic insulation (or, in a pinch, bubble wrap) works nicely. We also added a piece of wood at the bottom of the door to make the opening smaller. Since the house was officially designed for dogs, the doorway is too big for proper feline comfort.

      But despite the design issues, Cape Odd does have its attractions; we’re hoping the flat roof will attract feline sunbathers when we move into the summer months.


  1. It’s a “Trixie Wooden Cat Home With Balcony” that I got from Overstock.com: http://www.overstock.com/Pet-Supplies/TRIXIE-Wooden-Cat-Home-with-Balcony/10276898/product.html (You can see my review under the title “Cute, but durability is uncertain”) I wound up putting some of the reflective insulation I mentioned in my review onto the floor and wrapped another piece around the underside of the drop-in roof (one-piece — it’s the floor that’s two pieces). This seems to be working reasonably well to stop roof leaks.


    • I’m a great fan of Overstock. I may spring for one, especially since my hayseed gardener David (“he who talks to cheese”) is a dab hand at carpentry upgrades, and likes cats. Have to see if the local grey cat is still the local grey cat. We get lots of transients.


  2. “Cape Odd” is hilarious, and I give one kudos each to you and Maggie. I’m sharing this with our Community Cats (i.e., feral, stray and dumped) city organization here. Thank you, both.


      • Waaal, “kudos” is both singular and plural…kudos to you both! Not to be confused with “kumquat.” By the way, the Community Cats folks here were muy impressed!


        • So noted.

          And, as I said in the original post, not everyone is a fan.
          Not everyone is a fan

          Yes, that white ball in front of Cape Odd is MM. She spent all of last night there, mere steps away from a sheltered, defensible space. Clearly her disdain for the trappings of civilization runs deep.


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