The Green Thing

In the spirit of “Everything is a cat toy” and “If it fits, I sits” I bring you “Everything is a cat bed”.

There’s a disused downspout splash block in our backyard–colloquially known as “The Green Thing”. Being made of plastic and designed to channel water, it dries more quickly than almost anything else in the yard.

In the current wet weather, it’s become quite popular with the Backyard Bunch.

I’m sure the fact that it’s almost perfectly positioned to catch the afternoon sun has nothing to do with its popularity.

Of course, cats being cats, politics comes into play.

Fortunately, the art of compromise is not lost.

Though I think GT won that round of negotiations. Not only does he have The Green Thing, but he’s also got a butt warmer. MM just has a warm, dry spot for her left cheek.

6 thoughts on “The Green Thing

  1. My favorite “cat bed” in the house is the top of the stereo/CD player. No negotiation for that though. There is room for exactly one cat, and some of them hang off the sides, like Dali watches. Wish mine could go out in the sun! Not remotely safe where I am, sadly.


    • Ah, yes, the Dali Droop. A classic posture among the feline set.

      Not really safe for the fuzzies to go outside anywhere, when you come right down to it. To be totally clear: the Backyard Bunch are strays and/or ferals. No ownership claims in either direction, just a simple business relationship: we supply food, somewhat rainproof shelter, and lounging spaces, and they supply grudging acknowledgement of our existence.

      As for the Thundering Herd, they’re strictly indoor dwellers. But there are plenty of sunny perches. At least there are when there’s sun.


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