I’m continuing the theme of last Friday’s post (cats on the bed) today.

We’ve had a rash of semi-willing snuggles lately.

19-0My apologies for the odd colors on this one. Black cats, smartphone cameras, and low light make for photos that need a lot of manipulation to be intelligible. But it’s an interesting threesome. In the foreground, Rhubarb is apparently trying to warm his front paws by tucking them into Yuki’s fur. Meanwhile, Sachiko has fallen asleep with her head nicely pillowed on Yuki’s tail.

Normally, Yuki would be chasing Rhubarb up and down the stairs while Sachiko ran after them both, trying to sink a tooth or two into Yuki’s neck. I conclude that this episode was shortly after a bout of exercise.

And then there’s this peaceful scene.

19-1Watanuki has himself a very snuggly pillow. Just look at his blissed-out expression! Granted, Kokoro doesn’t seem very pleased about the situation; after all, ‘Nuki has been trying to assert his dominance over the rest of the crew lately. This is clearly just another ploy in his ongoing campaign. But she’s grudgingly willing to put up with it, since at least this approach doesn’t involve teeth and claws.

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