Check It Out

Here’s something we don’t see every day:

Yes, that’s Rhubarb, Kokoro, and Sachiko all snuggled together on the bed. There is a fold of blanket between Sachiko and her older siblings, but just getting them all on the bed peacefully is a rare event. Having them that close together with no politics is unheard of.

What’s even more unusual, however, is what happened a few minutes later. Allow me a moment to reposition the camera…there:

Five, count ’em, five flaked-out felines sharing a bed. Kokoro has moved away from her annoying little sister, Yuki is a black blob in the far corner, and ‘Nuki has, as usual, commandeered one entire side of the bed, but they are still sharing it.

Enjoy the scene, folks, this may be the only time it happens all year.

2 thoughts on “Check It Out

    • Around here, not so much. Dinner time brings everyone together, but it’s not notably peaceful. The jockeying for position near the most favored bowls can get very aggressive.

      Bloodshed is rare, though it has escalated as far as a nipped ear.

      The most common tactic, however, is the cold, wet nose to the rear end.

      Unfortunately, that seems to be losing effectiveness, requiring said nose to go further and further into said rear end to get the same result.

      I’ll leave it at that, rather than spoiling your own dinner.


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