Until very recently, I’ve kept the door to my office closed. Not to put too fine a point on it, but several of the cats have highly inappropriate eating habits. Paper. Plastic. Wire. Considering how many feet of unprotected wires there are in here, it’s always seemed a bit risky to let felines in.

But my den is the warmest room in the house, and since the weather got colder, Kokoro, Sachiko, and Yuki have been taking turns standing outside the door and demanding admittance to the Warm Room. I finally decided that it would be less distracting to let them in and keep an eye on them than to listen to them yowling and scratching.

It’s early days yet, but it seems to be going well. Better than I expected, actually.

‘Nuki is one of the inappropriate omnivores, but he’s been surprisingly well-behaved. He discovered the window very early on.
15-1He likes it.

15-2I mean, really likes it.

Really, really likes it. It’s a good thing the glass is thick.

It keeps him entertained and mostly out of trouble.

Which is not to say that the experience has been entirely positive. There’s a pile of boxes in the room–mostly loaded with books, naturally.

Sachiko found a gap between several of the boxes.

She loved her cave.

I was not going to leave her lurking in there, mere feet away from the vulnerable wires, when I called it a day. I had to bribe her with treats to get her to come out.

That was Monday. She’s still miffed at me for closing the gap. You would not believe the dirty looks she gives me every time she checks and discovers it’s still closed. Still, that’s only a dozen times an hour. I’ll probably survive.

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