Sachiko has conquered the dragon.

Yes, that rail is at the top of the staircase above a twelve foot drop. Give or take a few inches.

No, we are not pleased to have a little Otter Girl again–that used to be Kaja’s title, awarded for going where she shouldn’t otter go. Although she spent a lot of time on the wrong side of the bannister, even at her most aggressive, Kaja never climbed up on it. That makes the title Sachiko’s, no matter how much we disapprove.

It’s in her genes. Comes from the Siamese side of the family.

MM spends a lot of time on the back fence. Lately, we’ve been seeing her hanging out near one of the bird feeders, hoping somebody will get careless.

Mind you, the birds aren’t impressed. They just use the other feeder. I’m pretty sure this dove was laughing at MM.

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