HandPaw Out

“Shkuze me, Buddy, can you shpare me some ‘nip? Jus’ a coupla leavesiz all I need…”

No, Watanuki’s not really that far gone in catnip addiction. The magic banana and a couple of leaves a few times a month is as much as he does.

It’s all theatrics. He’s quite the renaissance cat. Poetry, fabric arts, sculpture, acting. The only one of the fine arts he hasn’t quite mastered is music. It’s hard to play most instruments when your fingers are that short and stubby–and the less said about his singing voice, the better. Well, put it this way: he can out-falsetto the Bee Gees when he tries.

But back to The Paw. It is, I believe, ‘Nuki’s first venture into live theatre. Apparently, it’s a one cat, one act show about the horrors of undersized cat caves. I’ll keep you posted as rehearsals continue and opening night approaches.

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