One of Watanuki’s favorite places to chill is the rug on the kitchen floor. This may have something to do with the rug being thoroughly impregnated with catnip.
A typical pose on the rug. ‘Nuki does a lot of writing when he’s stoned, and it’s rather common for him to wind up on his side or back like this.

That white tummy is tempting, isn’t it? Just asking for a rub, right?

Don’t believe it.

He’s not nearly as stoned as he wants you to think. Check his eyes: the pupils aren’t at all dilated. For the sake of your hands, don’t try to rub the tummy until he falls asleep.

Think he’s out? Well…they’re your hands. You can risk them if you want. Brush the fur gently and pull back quickly. See what happens.

That’s what I thought. I’m not sure ‘Nuki ever really sleeps.

Better go wash the blood off your hands before it attracts sharks.

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