Time flies and all that.

Sachiko’s first birthday, based on the vet’s estimate, is Sunday. Hard to believe she’s grown from
to 04-1.

Some things never change. That balancing act she’s doing on the arm of the chair isn’t really that different from the ones she was doing at age four months:

We’ll hold off on the party and catnip cupcakes until November 1. That’ll be the first anniversary of the day we adopted her–a much more significant date, and a fine excuse to celebrate.

Between now and then, we plan to finish Ms. Sachiko’s integration with the rest of the crew. Although she’s eating adult krunchiez, she’s still getting a can of kitten gooshy fud every evening, and spending the night in the downstairs bathroom so nobody can steal her food. After her birthday, we’ll cut down on the kitten food and just give her a short amount of time to eat it, then let her loose for the night. The next, hopefully final, step will be to stop the kitten food completely and let her eat exclusively with everyone else.

With a bit of luck, by her adoption day, she’ll be “big kitteh, just like Big Brudder Nookles”.

Until then, well,
“Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid.”

(Thanks again to Eric and Beth for that last photo–and my apologies for not remembering which one of you actually took it.)

3 thoughts on “Already?

  1. I think Eric took it; I don’t remember seeing it in the frame. Possibly we could come by and celebrate November 1 with you–I’ll put a reminder in the calener.


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