Still Comfy

As I said last week, everyone has their own favored sleeping positions.

As we saw, Rhubarb’s is very precise and well-composed. It’s compact, graceful, even elegant.

07-1Yuki, on the other paw, favors what can best be described as an untidy sprawl.

The more space he can occupy, the better. Something to lean against? Better still. Drape his tail over something or dangle it in space? Absolute best. When he sleeps on the bed, he does his best to claim the entire bed.

07-2And then there’s Sachiko.

She’s still learning the concept of “holding still”. I’ve seen her sit motionless for almost five minutes at a time, but no more than that. Even on the rare occasions when her battery runs down and she’s forced to recharge, her sleep is a matter of constant motion.

For reasons only she knows and can’t explain, Sachiko gives Rhubarb a certain distant respect. Yuki, however, gets no respect at all–he’s still her favorite play-toy.

It will be interesting to see which way she goes–whose example she emulates–when she grows up enough to settle on a sleep posture.

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