Everyone has their own favored sleeping positions. On the back, curled on the left side, hanging upside down from the cave roof.

Rhubarb has one of the most specific comfort positions I’ve ever encountered.
Note the careful alignment of the tail, so that the tip won’t brush his nose if it twitches in his sleep; the careful crossing of the left front leg and the right rear leg; and, of course, the all-important placement of the right front leg, the paw set just where it needs to be to hold the rear leg.

And what of the left rear leg? Where’s that?

Look closely. Very closely. If you peek between the tip of Rhubarb’s nose and the angle where the right legs overlap, you can see just a hint of the left rear leg. That’s right. It’s under his head, serving as a very fine, very snuggly pillow.

Ah, to be even half that flexible!

9 thoughts on “Comfy?

  1. Looks like a brilliant Yoga pose … in fact, I think I’ll turn it into one. Assuming, that human bodies can actually do all that. We might have to adjust that “rest head on back leg”. But, we’ll name it Rhubarbasana, of course.

    I think I’ll show this to my students and we’ll come up with something. 🙂

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    • I think you’ll have more trouble with the tail than the back leg. But then, I know very little about Yoga, so I’ll defer to your expertise.

      And I’d love to see Rhubarbasana take some attention away from Downward Facing Dog–it’s time for some balance in Yoga. Sorry, no pun intended.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


      • I’m putting it up on my Yoga blog … you’ll see a “ping” shortly. My students are awesome at inventing new poses with me.

        Dogs have dog pose, that’s it. But, cats! Cat tilt is as basic as Down Dog. And then there’s Cat-Holds-Its-Tail pose. Lion Pose. Tiger in the grass pose. And, those are ones I didn’t even make up …

        Rhubarbasana on the way …


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  4. You may be skeptical … but Rhubarbasana is set to debut tonight. It’s actually quite nice … and a nice back stretch too. I am bringing a camera to class tonight in the hope that my shy, but I’ll-try-anything-once, Yoga crowd will pose for a photo. You’ll see …


    • Awesome! I’ll be sure to share the photo with Mr. Rhubarb, even if the class doesn’t want it posted online–but if you do put it up on your blog, be sure to put a link here!


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