Watanuki has some strange habits. Other than his fascination with the fabric arts and his poetry, I mean.

Take his sleeping posture, for example.
26 - 01

How can he possibly be comfortable with his tail woven between his legs and his paws dangling in the air?

Yet he must be satisfied, because he frequently sleeps that way, and for hours at a time.

Interestingly, it’s not a feline thing. Sachiko follows “Big Brudder Nookles” around the house, imitates his habits, and seems to worship him, albeit in a very feline non-deferential way.

Yet her reaction?
26 - 02

She’s just as puzzled as we are.

4 thoughts on “Oddball

  1. Of course we’re puzzled. Cat actually using, and sleeping in, a hut that is made for a cat to use and sleep in? Unheard of! You mean you don’t have any shoe box lids, empty cereal boxes, paper bags, dirty clothes in a hamper, bathtub, tiny space behind the toilet, computer keyboard, sock drawer, stack of books on the floor, skinny window sill, top of refrigerator, middle of a human’s king-size bed, narrow opening under the couch for her to sleep in? What kind of lousy cat hotel are you running there?

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    • Well, when you put it that way, most of our crew are peculiar. By that standard, Sachiko and Rhurbarb are the only normal ones. Her favorite sleeping spot is my chair in the dining room and his is the middle of the stairs.

      Of course, everyone will go for “Wherever the sun is”…


  2. That’s hilarious. Anais sleeps in some very funny positions, with her neck bent in odd ways, that you wouldn’t think could possibly be comfortable.

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    • I’ve been known to wake up cats who are sleeping in particularly twisted positions. It’s less about “you might get stuck that way” than “we don’t have any feline-dose ibuprofin for your backache”.


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