The Process Continues

Feline politics is eternal.

Lately, MM and Tuxie have been feuding. Nothing major; it’s mostly just dominance displays and tentative paw slaps.

Occasionally there’s a larger flare-up, and MM generally retreats.
12 - 01Or, given where she winds up, it may be more of a tactical withdrawal than a retreat.

Yes, that is the top of the fence.
12 - 02Grabbing the high ground is sound tactics whether one is contemplating defense or offense.

(Yes, she does have some kind of infection in her left eye. Of course, she won’t let us close enough to medicate it, so we’ve been giving her treats with lysine. It helped with the infection when we adopted Sachiko, and it seems to be helping now.)

Speaking of Sachiko, she’s still negotiating to establish her place in the tribe’s power structure. By and large, it’s a peaceful process.
12 - 03

Nobody is quite ready to snuggle with her, but as long as she doesn’t get too rambunctious, they let her hang out in the near vicinity.

Small victories.

5 thoughts on “The Process Continues

  1. Cat politics! A mystery to us all xD. My two still have their weird moments even after two years together. They certainly enjoy each other’s company but occasionally… LOL


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