The Ultimate

It’s hardly an original observation that nobody relaxes like a cat.

But I have to say that Tuxie takes relaxation to levels I’ve never seen before.

It doesn’t matter where he is; when he wants to flop, he flops.



Half and half.24-ft2

And so thoroughly! Take a close look at his face in that shade picture. Can you honestly tell me that’s not the ultimate in blissed-out felinity?

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate

    • It does seem unfair. But consider that cats rarely sleep deeply, and if someone approaches, they’ll wake up quickly. So the inconvenience factor of napping at random times and in random places is much less for a cat than a human.

      That said, someone has to be the first to push for every social change. Feel free to be the leader in the fight for equal napping rights. The Freedom to Nap Alliance may not get as much press as, say, PETA, but you’ll be much better rested.


      • But consider that, like cats, menopausal women rarely sleep deeply, and if someone approaches, they’ll wake up quickly. Really, you’re making me even more determined to carry the “nap where you are” flag. And, I would. I really would. But, I’m just so, so tired.


        • Yeah, but “The Freedom for Menopausal Women to Nap Alliance” is hardly inclusive enough to develop the kind of groundswell of support you need. Nor is “FMWNA” a usefully-pronounceable acronym.

          My suggestion: forget the flag. Get yourself a T-shirt with your message printed on the back so passersby can read it while you’re sleeping.

          And until you’ve converted at least half of the nation, don’t sleep in doorways.


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