As the weather has warmed up–I was going to say “improved”, but with the drought showing no signs of breaking, warm and dry weather isn’t an improvement over cool and dry–the neighbors have been spending more time hanging out in our yard.

Well, MM and GT hang out in the yard.

Tuxie has his own peculiar notions about “in”.
Yes, he does come all the way inside when we fill the bowls, but he seems reluctant to fully commit himself when it comes to snoozing away the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Sachiko is spending almost all day roaming the house with the other cats.

03-4She’s finding new places to kick back and watch what her siblings are up to.

03-5She’s continuing her apprenticeship with Ooki Brothers Security.

03-6Although, as an apprentice, most of her work is done under supervision.

And, of course, she spends a large chunk of her time chilling on the stairs. As I’ve said in the past, those are the center of the gang’s social life, so it’s good to see that she’s finding her own level.

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