All Paws On Deck

I said in Tuesday’s post that I give my novels to a crew of beta readers. What I didn’t mention is that not all of the readers are human.

fbr1Here’s Kaja reading Splat Squad. As you might expect, she’s reading with her butt. Judging by her expression, she either just found a typo or she read a scene involving swimming. Both give her an urge to wash the offending material out of her eyes. No matter how hard she tries, though, there are some things that, once seen, cannot be unseen.

For the record, no, Sachiko is not a beta reader. She is still a kitten after all. Aside from the fact that there are child labor laws to consider, she’s still more interested in picture books.

2 thoughts on “All Paws On Deck

  1. Well, I can only shake my head in wonder at Sachiko’s fabulous taste in books, at such a tender age. I hope you have her signed up well in advance for the best Kitty Preschool.


    • We’ll be homeschooling her, so no sign up necessary. (And before anyone asks about social interaction, when I last checked on her, about half an hour ago, she was chewing on Yuki’s ears. I think she’s got that socialization thing nailed.)

      As for her choice of reading material, well, it goes to show that if you allow your children to make their own choices and provide them with good options to choose between, they’ll develop good taste. Anecdotal evidence suggests the same concept works for food.


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