We’re slowly integrating Sachiko into the household. It sometimes feels like we’re moving at a glacial pace, but there is the issue of keeping the big fuzzies out of her food bowls. And, more importantly, we’re hoping to avoid the problems we had between Kaja and Yuki that led to Kaja spending most of her time in isolation.

Currently, we’re transitioning from closely supervised interaction to letting her run loose under light supervision. Oddly, when she’s free to seek out whichever of her elders she wants, she’s not spending much time with Yuki. Instead, she’s actively seeking out Watanuki.

‘Nuki is, well, a bit dubious.

She’s wondering whether to attack his ears or his whiskers, while he’s clearly just thinking “Oh, (expletive). There she is again.”

In fairness to Mr. ‘Nuki, he’s being very restrained. When she assaults him, he hits and bites her, but as far as we can tell, he’s keeping his claws retracted and his teeth aren’t breaking her skin.

While he grumbles quite loudly and continuously, he doesn’t try to avoid her–at times he even seeks her out. We suspect that he sees her a kind of Mini-Me, and we expect to see her starting an apprenticeship with Ooki Brothers’ Security in the near future.

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