Family Matters

Sachiko’s integration into the household continues.

She’s explored most of the floor and has moved on to second and third levels of stuff. We confidently expect to find her dangling upside down from the ceiling fan once we let her start exploring without supervision.

Yes, we’re still watching her excursions carefully. She’s establishing relations with her elders, and a mediator is sometimes necessary.

sf1Kokoro and Rhubarb are, well, to put the best interpretation on it, dubious about her.

sf2Watanuki is a creature of extremes, and that carries over into his view of the Pointy Princess. At times he seems favorably inclined, sharing toys and even his precious catnip cushion, and then she demonstrates how she got her nickname, and he reminds her of the old dictum about age and treachery.

Kaja’s reaction to Sachiko sounds quite similar to We haven’t managed to snag a picture of them together. Eventually.

sf3The oddest relationship is with Yuki. He and Sachikitten seem to share a strange bond of fascination. Whenever she’s out in public, he’s in the vicinity, watching her carefully. Unless she’s forcibly restrained, she leaps on him, bites his ears, and chews on his tail–behavior she doesn’t exhibit with any of the other cats. No matter how much provocation she offers, though, he never bites back, and only rarely cuffs her.

She’s still running us ragged, scarfing down enough food to feed the entire family, and spazzing out on the slightest excuse, but she’s making progress.

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