Shoulder Cat

Sachiko is getting ambitious.

We’re still not letting her explore the house and interact with her elders unsupervised, but she’s taking full advantage of the opportunities we are giving her.

Yes, I am standing mostly upright. Yes, I am standing on the staircase. That means its about six feet from the top of Sachiko’s head to the floor. Didn’t bother her a bit. She even kept her claws retracted while she was standing there. Until we tried to get her off my shoulder. She would have been quite happy to stay there.

To tell the truth, I wouldn’t mind at all if she learned to ride on my shoulder. I tried to teach Rhubarb to do it, but he wasn’t interested.

Sachiko seems to like the extra height. It means she can literally look down on everyone. Superiority is very important to cats–anyone who’s spent time with them will tell you that superiority is the very essence of cathood.

One just doesn’t usually see it expressed in such a concrete fashion.

15 thoughts on “Shoulder Cat

  1. How sweet! We have a couple of shoulder riding cats. My husband started it when they were very young. Luckily he has big shoulders, because they are now pretty good sized cats đŸ™‚


    • You’ve got more than one shoulder rider? Nice!

      I do worry about how big she might get–we tend to grow ’em big around here–but if worse comes to worst, I suppose I can always get a shoulder brace to help support her weight.

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  2. Woodbine, my 16-year-old Holstein-print cat, has done this since he was a kitten. Luckily, he doesn’t weigh much. Hope Sachiko keeps the pounds off!


    • All of our adult cats are in double digits, and all except Kokoro are over twelve pounds. That doesn’t bode well for Ms. S. staying tiny.

      Granted, she was malnourished when we took her in, but in less than three months, she’s put on more than four pounds. Projecting forward, that would make her adult weight somewhere around thirteen pounds. I could handle that, especially if I can convince her to prefer my right shoulder.

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