Meet the Neighbors 14

I’m sure it’s no surprise that the feline politics continue apace in our backyard.

More often than not, all three of the regulars show up early and wait for us to bring the Kitty Krunchies out.

ff2ff3Tuxie and Grey Tabby have become quite friendly with us. They’re quite willing to delay the food for a few minutes while we scratch behind their ears. GT has even been known to roll over and ask us to rub his tummy.

Meezer Mommy, however, is exceedingly unhappy whenever there’s a delay in the krunchie delivery. Any halt, even a brief pause to avoid tripping over one of the boys, provokes her to a storm of verbal abuse. Yes, she’s become quite the little chatterbox, demanding that we fill the bowls and get the hell out of her yard. She’s even hissed at me a couple of times when I haven’t moved fast enough.

Needless to say, her attitude–and her apparent belief that all three bowls are for her–doesn’t sit well with the boys. There isn’t much they can do, though. She hisses, growls, and swats at them. Not ladylike pats, either. Full force, claws extended swats. GT is terrorized to the point that he sometimes won’t come into the yard until she leaves.

Interestingly, despite his earlier timidity, Tuxie stands up to MM much better than his colleague. He gets his share of swats, but his normal response is to stroll across the yard to a different bowl.

We hope Meezer Mommy will eventually figure out that there’s always more food than she can eat herself and lighten up a bit. I know, I know. But if we don’t have our dreams, what do we have?

2 thoughts on “Meet the Neighbors 14

  1. Well, really, just what did you expect? You kidnapped her offspring, trapped her, had her subjected to surgery…talk about a woman scorned. Please do keep clear of teeth and claws.


    • I’ve also been a, if not the, major supplier of her groceries for months. That ought to balance the books a bit.

      That and said offspring just put a couple of scratches on my arm (she objected to the end of playtime). That ought to balance the books for MM as well.

      Staying well clear of MM’s pointy bits is high on my to-do list.


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