Stepping Out and Getting Acquainted

We’re allowing Sachiko to explore the house and to start interacting with the other cats. She’s had several play sessions in our upstairs hallway and a couple of chances to explore the house on a leash.

She’s met all five of the others, and she’s developing quite the interesting relationship with Yuki. He seems absolutely fascinated with her, perhaps because she looks so much like a tiny version of his partner in crime, ‘Nuki. Sachiko finds Yuki just as interesting. She follows him around the house, trying to–depending on her mood–snuggle with him, nurse, or bite his hamstrings so he can’t run away.

sy1Note Sachiko’s poofy tail. She’s not scared or unhappy. We think she was trying to imitate Yuki’s plume.

sy3After she got a closer look at it, she gave up trying to imitate it, and now she just tries to bat at it and nibble on it.

sy2There is, of course, a lot of sniffing going in both directions. Oddly, the sniffee is always less comfortable with the interaction than the sniffer.

Finally, for everyone who wants a better look at the Pointy Princess than my lousy camera skills can produce, here’s a shot of her contemplating mayhem on her current favorite toy, the purple snake. (The photo is courtesy of Beth, who will, I trust, add a comment supplying appropriate copyright information and whatever contact/gallery information she deems appropriate. Thanks, Beth! Nice to have an actual, unblurred image that doesn’t make Sachiko look like a feline demoness.)

2 thoughts on “Stepping Out and Getting Acquainted

    • Credit where credit is due is the way the game is played around here. If a few people enjoy your photos, great. And if someone decides to offer you millions of dollars to take nature photos, even better, right?


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