Watanuki’s Kitten

Watanuki went to the vet for his annual checkup last week. Actually, all of the fuzzies except TKTBNL went to the vet for their checkups. It was quite the crowd scene: five cats, the vet, the vet tech, Maggie, and me in one small examining room.

But it’s done.

When the tech finished with the weighing and temperature taking, she warned us that, due to an emergency, there would be a delay before the vet could come in. Rather than put ‘Nuki back in his carrier, we decided to let him stay on the table. Maggie started brushing him to keep him calm.

It was a long wait.

The pile of brushed-off fur grew. And grew. And grew.

Eventually, I made the obligatory comment that there was enough loose fur on the table to make a whole new cat. I should have known better.

Maggie has artistic impulses, and as we know, ‘Nuki is quite the accomplished fiber artist.

They took my comment as a challenge.

Shortly after they completed their work, the vet came in. She laughed and thanked the artists for brightening her day. Several other people were invited in to meet ‘Nuki’s kitten. Pictures were taken.

Eventually, the kitten was carefully transferred to a clipboard for transport. The vet put it in one of the kennels so everyone could get acquainted.

‘Nuki was very disappointed that his artistic endeavor didn’t excuse him from any of the physical exam that followed.


7 thoughts on “Watanuki’s Kitten

  1. I have “felted” cat fur over the years, making giant purposeless balls of felt, but I haven’t quite managed to build my own new cat. Very nice. You also win the award for a 5-cats-at-one-time vet visit. I have done 3 at a time, but I think I’d have to tie a cat carrier on the roof (a la Romney) to get all of them to the vet at one time, since riding “together” is a feline deal breaker in our house.


    • Sounds like the problem is proper storage. The evidence around here suggests that stashing those balls of felt under a bed will lead to spontaneous germination of new cats. Or at least, some really massive dust bunnies!

      Riding together is a deal-breaker here too. Five cats, five carriers. It takes some creative car loading, even ruling out the Romney Method.

      We wouldn’t have wanted to try to get into a drive-in movie with that load, but even so, we didn’t consider putting anyone in the trunk.


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