Highs and Lows

A few quickies to wrap up October. The last few days have been a strange mix of good news/bad news and excitement/terror.

It rained on Halloween. The rain started around 9:00 and stopped about 2:00. Naturally, Sunday’s newspaper was full of bad puns about the “reign” on the Giants’ parade.

Other than puns, the only significant effect of the rain was to discourage trick-or-treaters. We had about ten, considerably below last year’s high water mark (sorry) of three dozen or more.

No pumpkin spice costumes* and no broken bolts. Superheros predominated, but there was at least one ballerina/fairy princess. That’s a tough distinction to make when you can’t see if she has wings, and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by asking.

* Now that Halloween is over, can all of the pumpkin spice foods please just go away? No, really. No need to wait until after Thanksgiving. Honest!

The Kitten Chow was popular. We had a mixed assortment of Reese’s Pieces, Almond Joys, Reese’s Miniatures, and Hershey Bars. Most of the kids were young enough that being told to take a handful of candy was so mind-blowing they didn’t even care what kind it was. So, no statistics on popularity, just some very happy faces.

Did I say there were around ten young bandits? Actually, there were two who didn’t show up in costume. Meezer Mommy showed up shortly before sundown with Little Black and Tiny Tux in tow. They all shared a bowl of kitty krunchies and a few cat treats we tossed from the window.

More happy faces.

The sad news arrived Saturday when MM showed up with only Tiny Tux. As promised, we had put out an offering for the little grey critter (gooshy food, which was quite enthusiastically devoured by Faux Tux and Grey Tabby) both Friday and Saturday. But when Little Black didn’t show up, our tenuous grip on our willpower failed.

Tiny Tux, aka Little Bit, aka TBD is now living in our spare bedroom. Yes, we went out and snagged her* Saturday afternoon. She had her first vet visit yesterday, and will remain in isolation until we’re sure she’s healthy. She’s getting antibiotics for an eye infection and she’s sufficiently undernourished and dehydrated that we don’t want to give her vaccinations or flea medications quite yet. Nor, at her age (estimated at 6-8 weeks), are the tests for FeLV and FIV accurate. So, isolation for her, multitudinous hand-washings for us.

* She’s still at an age where sex is a matter of opinion. We think “she” is the genetically correct pronoun, and will work on that basis unless proven incorrect. And if she has a different gender identity when she grows up, we’ll support her completely.

Taking on another kitty, especially one who’s going to need special care and attention to civilize, is a bit of a scary prospect, but, well… Let me put it this way: Sunday night we gave her a bowl of food, tucked her in (figuratively speaking), and went to bed ourselves. Five minutes later, a coyote started howling just beyond our back fence. I can’t think that bringing Little Bit inside was the wrong decision, though I suppose the coyote would beg to differ with me.

Meanwhile, Meezer Mommy is now temporarily residing in our garage. Or rather, around the time this post goes live, she’s at Fix Our Ferals to ensure that she doesn’t gift the neighborhood–or risk her own health–with another litter of kittens.

We suspect she’s a stray, rather than a lifelong feral, and she’s such a beautiful lady that we wish we could (re?)socialize her and find her a new home. Unfortunately, that’s just not going to be possible at this point. Perhaps she’ll forgive us for the indignity of her current incarceration and non-consensual surgery, and continue to hang around the backyard bowl. If so, well, who knows about the future?

16 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. I had to laugh – the rain stopped at 2pm, but held down the TorT’ers. Here in Seattle, the rain started about 7pm, continued for an hour, and this was RAIN, folks, not a drizzle or sprinkles. Coats soaked through, but soggy little critters bounded from house to house with their baskets for candy and other goodies. Took me back to the day, it did, when we’d put plastic garbage bags on our kids (ahem) under their costumes, and out we’d go, me under an umbrella.

    I think I won’t mention Tiny Tux to Simon, who might not be restrainable from stowing away on a plane to go see his 6 feline cousins in California. 6 kit-ties, wow! This is the kid who last weekend told his father that if his father didn’t take him to a play area so he could run around a bit, he was going to be hyperjettic.


    • Yeah, people are weird about rain around here. It’s OK to take your kids out of school and stand in a downpour for several hours for the Giants’ parade–after all, that only happens every other year–but not OK to take them out ToTing while the ground is still wet.

      Or maybe I’m wrong to blame it on the weather. I did expect a significant dropoff from last year. Maybe it was just random.

      Hyperjettic or Hypergetic? Depends on your mental image, I suppose. But yes, this would be a bad time for him to come visit the furries.

      PS: Plastic bags under costumes are hot! And I don’t mean that in a good way.


  2. Casey, you and Maggie are probably aware, but check Little Tux for FIV. Again, I’m proud, and yes, I know what you mean! Nonetheless, I count several as friends.


    • It’s on the to-do list, but the vet thinks she needs to be a little older to ensure a valid test. The good news is that her mother was tested yesterday and showed negative for FeLV and FIV. Not conclusive for Little Bit, but certainly encouraging.


      • Yes, it is–often passed through the mom. They can live full lives but their immune systems are compromised. As I said, I’m proud of you and Maggie! I know that makes me sound like an old fart–but hey, I kinda am.


    • Once she’s old enough, testing for FIV and FeLV will definitely happen!

      Meanwhile, we were heartened to hear that Meezer Mommy’s test results came up negative for both viruses. In addition to being good news for MizMeezMom, it also makes the odds of Little Bit’s likely seronegativity much better. Now if we could just get Meezer Mommy to calm down enough to accept the antibiotic ointment for her eye (and quit flipping her water bowl over), it would make life much easier.

      I can’t really blame her for being unhappy, though. Here she is, confined in a strange place with strange people*. Her belly’s sore, her elegant fur has been shaved, she’s acquired a couple of nonconsensual body modifications that she Does Not Approve Of — and she didn’t even have the benefit of a wild night of inebriated excess beforehand! (attempts to reassure her that both of her kidneys were still there were met with a skeptical blue stare)

      * — People that she barely knows! One hardly expects one’s food suppliers to be so ruthlessly and bizarrely presumptuous.


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