Halloween is coming (and there will be a full-sized Halloween post tomorrow), but I thought it would be a good idea to remind you all how not to observe the occasion.

  • w5-2Your kids are going to want to collect “hella candy”. Or maybe “hello candy”*. Either way, this collection bag isn’t going to do it for them. Considering how much of the lettering has flaked off already, by next Friday, it’ll probably be down to “hell and,” leaving the kids to supply the damnation.* That sounds like either a disturbing porn movie about hospital volunteers, or an attempt to subvert Sanrio’s intellectual property.
  • w5-1No matter what they collect their loot in, you can bet that they will not want to find any of these “Despicable Me Fruit Flavored Snacks” in with the candy. What do despicable me fruits taste like, anyway? Judging from the picture on the box, much like a faded, hairy Twinkie. Bleah! (Full disclosure: I’ve never seen “Despicable Me,” so my apologies if the movie discusses the flavor of the fruit it’s named after.)

2 thoughts on “WQTS 05

  1. Who cares what they taste like (remember, you’re talking about the tastebuds of the average 4-14 year old – hardly a discriminating palate)? Your nephew would undoubtedly be delighted to receive Minion-shaped (or even just endorsed) candy. Bee-doh, bee-doh.


    • True, perhaps, but as a responsible parent, do you wish to be seen as encouraging minionphagy? Especially without some idea of exactly what sort of effect it might have on his developing palate? I wonder if anyone sells durian-flavored fruit rollups…


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