6 thoughts on “When Meezers Stare

    • I think that’s the exact word for it, yes. Especially when I wake up at 3:00 with those eyes about six inches from my face and my brain filled with an almost overwhelming urge to refill the gooshy food bowl.


  1. Yes, the late and still lamented Seymour/Sy was a master at staring. Especially when he stretched out across my lap as I sat on a couch and read while he oozed longer and longer to where I wondered whether he’d outstretch the couch. Then I’d have to get up, either to go to another work or read-place, or the bathroom, or to stretch my legs to re-establish circulation. The reproach in his eyes gave a quality to the stare that I still remember it vividly, all these 30 years later. If I knew how, I’d attach a picture to this message for your edification. But maybe you remember it too.


    • It doesn’t look like you can attach an image, which is rather a shame (although I can see massive security issues in allowing file attachments on comments). Best you can do is embed an image posted somewhere else online.

      Feel free to do so–it’s a look that deserves to be shared widely.


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