Rare Wildlife

We’ve mentioned from time to time that it’s quite common to find one or more of the cats hanging out on our staircase.

It’s a comfortable place to hang out–if you’re a cat, anyway; I get shoulder cramps and rug burned elbows if I lie on the stairs for very long. It has a great view of almost all of the important places in the house: food bowls, water bowls, the dining room where treats are distributed at bedtime, … (are you detecting a pattern here?)

So yes, it’s almost a surprise to walk past the stairs and not find somebody furry there.


It’s extremely unusual to find the rare California Floofy Dangling Snake on the stairs.

The CFDS is, as the name implies, native to the Bay Area and may be distantly related to the Australian Drop Bear. The Dangling Snake lurks in trees and on rocks, hanging down from a supporting surface; this allows it to drop vertically onto its prey simply by relaxing its grip. With no leap involved, the victim almost never sees or hears it coming until it’s much too late…

So what’s this Dangling Snake doing on our stairs? Apparently it’s decided that my ears are highly attractive prey. It doesn’t matter whether I’m walking up or down the stairs: I can count on the sudden introduction of several inches of black fuzz to my auditory canal.

A wet willie has nothing on the attack of a California Floofy Dangling Snake!

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