Tech Assistance

Many people ask how I keep up with all of the changes going on in the tech world, and especially how I keep tabs on both Android and iOS. OK, I’ll admit that most of the people asking are spammers, but it’s a legitimate question.

The truth is that I don’t do it myself. I have a cadre of (theoretically) loyal assistants who help out.

ta2Kokoro is my authority on Android for phones. She prefers the small form factor for convenience in carrying the device into the headboard, or whatever enclosed space she’s curled into.

ta3Yuki handles Android on tablets. Since he’s slightly nearsighted, he appreciates the larger screen. He also likes the book-style cover that folds into a support. Very convenient when lounging on the stairs.

ta1Kaja is the iOS expert. She’s wedded to the iPad and won’t consider switching to an iPhone, claiming the smaller on-screen keyboard is too hard to use with paws. Plausible, but since she mostly plays games, I don’t put too much stock in her excuse. (Rhubarb, her litter mate, just isn’t into the tech scene. He prefers chasing a real little red dot over a virtual one.)

ta4‘Nuki remains loyal to BlackBerry. He only recently made the jump to OS 10, and he’s finding the new gesture controls somewhat confusing. I believe this picture was taken just after he turned off the screen in the middle of writing an e-mail. But he’s convinced that physical keyboards are far more paw-compatible than on-screen keyboards, so he’ll stick with his Q10 for posting poems to his blog.

I haven’t been able to convince any of them to switch to an Amazon device, hence the lack of paws-on reviews of their devices.

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