Over or Under?

I said last month that sleeping with a paw over his or her nose is one of the cutest things a cat can do. I stand by that opinion, but the “paw under the chin” pose is right up there in cuteness.

So, it’s poll time. Please examine these photos of our handsome model and then cast your vote.ou1ou2

7 thoughts on “Over or Under?

  1. Just sitting here in my studio, eating my lunch, scanning my favorite blogs, and there’s a moment of double-take as I see your post. And, I stop and think, “Where did that photo of Stevie come from?” And, for that perfect, magical moment I have this entire scenario of my cat Stevie living a mysterious (and, apparently, relaxing) double life during the day in someone else’s home.

    Then I looked closer … too tuxey for Stevie. And, that’s too bad, because a cat living a double life in someone else’s home would have made a fabulous followup blog post.

    Oh, and paw over nose. Definitely.


    • What a charming notion! I wouldn’t put it past Mr. ‘Nuki to try it. He does disappear from time to time, only to reappear just a silently and mysteriously. He may not be living a double life as Stevie, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he was living a double life as somebody.

      Come to think of it, that might explain why we sometimes find his collar and tags lying on the floor. Wearing the wrong set of bling would give the scam away.

      “Over” FTW!


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