Meet the Neighbors 09

It’s official. Meezer Girl is settled into the neighborhood and a regular at the backyard bowl. We’re seeing her come by every night–sometimes more than once a night–and she’s around quite a bit in the day as well. She even came into our front yard a couple of days ago, something the neighbors don’t usually do. Once in, she apparently forgot how she got there. I heard her meowing at the gate, trying to persuade it to open for her. Eventually she found her way back over the fence, so I didn’t have to traumatize her by coming outside.

Meezers tend to have strong personalities and crave dominant roles. Meezer Girl fits that profile well. Now that she’s coming around regularly, she and Grey Tabby are jockeying for top position in the hierarchy. We don’t think it’s escalated to the level of actual violence, but there’s definitely a Cold War/Mutual Assured Destruction vibe going on when they face off.

And face off they do.

pol2pol3As usually happens when superpowers clash, it’s the little guys who suffer. Poor Faux Tux. He used to have to wait while Grey Tabby ate, but now he also has to sit through the political maneuverings and then wait for Meezer Girl to finish.

Fortunately, Grey Tabby takes her role as Protector of the Weak seriously. She makes sure that Faux Tux does eventually get a chance at the food bowl before it’s empty, and often stands guard while he does.

Yes, that’s her tail poking under the gate as she keeps a watchful eye out for Meezer Girl or any other interloper who might interfere with Faux Tux’s meal.

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