It’s Too Darn Hot

We’re having a heat wave this week, with temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s.

Those of you in Texas and India can stop laughing. It may not be much of a heat wave by your standards, but it’s obnoxious enough that I’m working on a plan to ship some of the heat to the East Coast, where they could really use it.

We do have air conditioning, but it only does so much.

Especially for those who wear unremovable fur coats.

That goes double for long, floofy fur coats. They’re great in the winter: they capture air next to the skin and hold it there to be warmed by body heat. Nice and toasty. However, when the weather warms up, they’re not nearly so nice.

Poor Mr. Yuki. I came into the bedroom and found him sprawled across the bed, trying to flatten himself out to force as much insulating air out of his floof as possible.

Note the legs extended off the bed to promote 360 degree airflow. Note the hint of pink tongue extended to encourage thermal radiation. (Apologies for the blurred view of Yuki’s head. Apparently when I leaned over him to take the picture, the body heat I radiated overloaded his cooling system and his face melted. Yuki was later seen lurking outside the refrigerator, waiting for Rhubarb to vacate and let him have a turn.)

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