Rhubarb’s tummy fur is some of the softest, snuggliest fur on record. It’s very soothing to rest your head against it.

Unfortunately, it can be very dangerous for the unwary nose. Even a quick snuggle can trigger hours of sneezes.

Rhubarb is well aware of the problem. Being the helpful gentleman he is, he always carries a long, skinny handkerchief to share with the afflicted.

4 thoughts on “Gesundheit

  1. That is really cute! Tummy fur is so soft, it’s a shame most cats hate to have it touched. At least we got Anais used to it when she was a kitten.


    • We are lucky that way. Both Rhubarb and Kaja love tummy rubs. The other three are sometimes into it, so we occasionally have more tummies that need rubbing than we have hands to rub with!


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