Paws Race

When he’s not on the clock, Watanuki can be a pretty mellow fellow. That’s not to say he’s given up aggression. Nor that he’s stopped using his claws when tapping you to request that you pat him. But he does know how to relax and sink into the blankets.

On the job, it’s quite another story. His role as head of household security is “srs bidnez”, and he treats it that way. We recently purchased a canister to hold food for the backyard bowl. It lets us buy Kitty Krunchies in bulk without risk of the food spoiling or the indoor cats getting into it. As far as ‘Nuki is concerned, though, the main purpose of the canister is to raise his seat in the security command center (a.k.a. the window overlooking the back yard.)

The extra height not only lets him see more of the yard, but it makes him look much more imposing. When he stares down at an invading squirrel, it does not hang around under the bird feeder.

No, it immediately heads for the safety of the fence. Not to escape, but so it can stare back at ‘Nuki from an equal height.

Mr. Wattaknuckles is already lobbying for us to replace the wooden stool and canister with a three-rung stepladder.

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