Good News, Bad News

There’s good news and bad news in the tale of Lux, the cat who fought back against his abusers.

The good news is that on Monday, Lux made it to safety at the Multnomah County Animal Services shelter.

The bad news is that it’s apparently only a temporary reprieve for Lux. The family “may” retrieve him from the shelter. They said on Monday that they would be discussing whether or not to give him up permanently.

Why would they take him back? Simple: publicity. Animal Planet has announced that they will be featuring Lux on an upcoming episode of “My Cat From Hell” and that “the family assured Animal Planet they were going to keep the cat”.

So after dealing with the stress of a strange environment at the shelter, poor Lux will be dragged back to the stress of the toxic environment he thought he had escaped. Worse yet, he’ll then be forced to deal with the added stress of a TV appearance.

Jackson Galaxy, star of the show, says he’s going to “act as Lux’s advocate and find out what’s wrong”. He also says that aggressive behavior in cats can be the result of “a history of stressful environments” and “If you want a blanket statement on how to deal with aggression, how about, ‘Don’t set the cat up for failure,'”

Take your own advice, Mr. Galaxy. If you really want to do what’s best for Lux, don’t put him on your show. Don’t subject him to the additional stress and don’t extend the family’s fifteen minutes of fame. Better yet, take the next step and use your position as an expert in cat behavior to encourage the Multnomah shelter to act in Lux’ best interests and ensure that he is not returned to the family that has already admitted to having abused him.

In other news, media outlets are reporting the death of Fred Phelps, founder and pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church. I’m not going to give Mr. Phelps the posthumous satisfaction of a big write-up, but I will note that IMNSHO his death ranks with Sylvia Browne’s death as a sign that things are improving. While I’m sure he’ll be missed by his family, his policies of intolerance and hate shouldn’t be missed by anybody.

And one more bit of good news: Aroldis Chapman, who was hit in the face by a batted ball during a pre-season baseball game last night has only a mild concussion and is expected to make a full recovery. While not minimizing the severity of even a “mild” concussion, it’s far less damage than had been feared; the news that he could be pitching again–even if only rehabilitating–in 6-8 weeks is far, far better than the career- or life-ending injury many expected.

2 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

    • I’m afraid once Animal Planet got involved there was no way Lux was going to stay free.

      At least all of the publicity will make it slightly harder for them to continue mistreating him.


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