Not a Draft Dodger

Last June, I highlighted Yuki’s role in our home security system. I didn’t mention it at the time, but that’s actually his second job. His primary responsibility, as I mentioned in his original introduction back in April, is to serve as a draft-stopper, preventing cold air from leaking under one door or another.

It’s a responsibility he takes very seriously. He started teaching himself the ropes within days of his arrival in the house.

y2There were some early problems.y3As you can see, it took him a little while to figure out that he had to align himself with the door, and a little longer to realize that some doors were already adequately covered.

He persevered, eventually mastering all of the tricks of the trade, and today he’s a world-class draft-stopper. He hasn’t let success go to his head, though. Even now he continues to practice hard. Just a few days ago, I found him working on his extended-tail maneuvers.

On behalf of my often-cold toes, thank you for your dedication, Mr. Floof.

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