zThanks to Maggie for pointing this one out.

OK, leaving aside the absolutely mind-bogglingly useless nature of the product–none of the sports represented by the containers has anything to do with Easter, and only one is even arguably a Spring sport–didn’t anybody catch the correct spelling?

Seriously, if you’re going to intentionally misspell “Sports” and “Balls”, it doesn’t make any sense to spell “Eggs” correctly.

Come on, guys. “Sportz Ballz Eggz” It’s that easy.

Oh, and while you’re at updating the packaging, would you be so kind as to either delete the word “NET” or add another line specifying the gross contents? Thank you.

6 thoughts on “WQTS 02

    • True enough. I’m sure this post has ensured that their Easter season will be profitable–and probably their entire fiscal year.

      I’m honored to have helped, because I’m all about the service to humanity.


    • Because the one about Dish was embedded in a larger post. If I had called that number this number three, then I’d be forever getting questions from people wanting to know where number two was.

      And heavens, no. After “99” come “0A” through “0Z”, “1A” through “1Z” and so on. That’ll be good for another 260 posts. If I still need more, there’s always “AA” through “ZZ”. Granted, human nature means I’ll eventually run out, but the time it’ll take me to write 1033 more WQTS posts should be sufficient to figure out what the next number should be. Hurray for Unicode!


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