Stay Good, Kaja! Stay Good!

Cute cat pictures are back! As usual, you can click to enlarge them to full size.

We continue our efforts to reintroduce Kaja to the others, especially Yuki. It’s working, albeit slowly.

Kaja spends several hours a day, generally from dinner time to bed time, free to roam at will. She’s usually loose longer on the weekends, and we’ve even allowed her to remain out overnight a few times. Sometimes we even go out shopping or to eat dinner and leave everyone to run their own lives.

There’s still a lot of growling and hissing from both sides–Yuki is far from an innocent victim of the unprovocated attacks of his “evil” sister–but there are also occasions where they manage to occupy adjacent chunks of the universe:
(Yes, Dad, I did change the pillow case.)

It helps when biological brother Rhubarb interposes himself between the two, certainly. It also helps when big sister Kokoro steps in to wash behind Kaja’s ears (and remind her who’s really running this joint).

Of course, what helps the most is when everyone just gets the heck out of the way and allows Kaja to snuggle up with her brother. Amazing how easy it is to ignore that obnoxious fuzzball when you have the greatest, cuddliest pillow in the world.

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