New Year, Same Old Stories 3

For Sale

One kidney, slightly used.  Some “As-Is”.

Guaranteed hours of fun (for the masochistically-inclined).

Special offer!

Buy now and get a free Zen rock garden!

As you may have gathered from the above, I’m still dealing with Mother Nature’s charming little Christmas gift. Such joy. Such rapture. Feh!

I will make no promises, because every time I do, she throws me another little twist. That said, right now I plan to try to my best to keep posts coming, but may deviate from the normal schedule.

6 thoughts on “New Year, Same Old Stories 3

    • Some might consider the loss of my sense of humor a good thing…

      Credit where credit is due: Maggie actually came up with the basic “rock garden” joke. I just tinkered with it a bit. But theft is how humor (and writing in general) works, right?


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