A Christmas Tale

I’m going to take off my curmudgeon hat and enjoy a few minutes of appreciating some of the good that tech toys can bring.

Check out this charming tale.

You back? (For those of you who didn’t read it, the tl;dr is “technology evangelist uses technology to make connections with people.)

Nice, huh? I went into the post expecting some kind of “geek uses 3D printer to make gifts for family” paen to the wonders of 3D printing.  The kind of thing that always triggers my “end of civilization” alert.

Much to my delight, that wasn’t it at all. Instead, he used the printer as an excuse to spend time with the family. Talking to them. What a trip, huh?

Best part: the post doesn’t fall the other way and turn into a “3D printing makes everything perfect” glurge-fest. We’ve still got some sibling rivalry going on–two generations, yet.

OK, curmudgeon hat goes back on now.

Happy New Year!

(Update: Whoops! This was supposed to go live just before midnight, not just before noon. Someday I’ll have to learn the difference between 12 and 24 hour clocks… Oh, well. Enjoy your curmudgeon-free post.)

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