Not The Cone o’ Shame!

Barring unexpected events, regular posting should resume next week.

I didn’t want you all to miss out on your expected fuzzy picture of the week, so here’s a shot of Yuki modeling a New and Improved Cone o’ Shame. The stitches on his flank and the shaved patch on his tail are the result of the altercation with Kaja that resulted in her extended isolation from the rest of the gang.

Say it with me: “Poor Li’l Floof.” (But recent evidence suggests he’s far from an innocent victim.)


And for the record: No, I have not had to wear a Cone o’ Shame the past few days.

5 thoughts on “Not The Cone o’ Shame!

  1. Well, your last line preempted my comment. But maybe you missed an opportunity by not putting on a second Cone o’ Shame and a hangdog…no, a hangcat look, and posing next to Yuki. That could’ve gone viral, at least in feline circles.


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