Signs of Progress

I’ve mentioned in the past that Kaja and Yuki do not get along. As a result, Kaja has been living in isolation for quite a while. To a great extent, she hasn’t minded much–and why should she? She has her own food, water, and litter box that she doesn’t have to share with anyone. The only frustration for her is that she has been separated from Rhubarb, her litter mate. Until we isolated her to protect Yuki from her (and vice versa), the two of them had been inseparable. She moped quite a bit, and when Kaja mopes, everyone hears about it.

Several months ago, we began letting her loose and watching her carefully. As soon as she and Yuki began hissing or growling, Kaja went back into isolation. When it got to the point where they went for several hours without a confrontation, we eased off on the oversight.

Kaja’s “excursions” have been getting longer and longer. As I write this, she’s been running loose for over nine hours, and we haven’t heard anything more than mild grumbling from either of them.

And Kaja has been taking full advantage of the opportunity to spend time with her blood brother. Yesterday I looked into the bedroom and saw this charming sight:

Note the coyly interlaced paws.

Here’s what makes it even more impressive:

Yes, that’s Yuki on the other side of the bed. Until I interrupted with the camera, he was sound asleep. He’s glaring at me for waking him up, not at Kaja for existing.

Signs of progress, indeed.

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