Meet the Neighbors 03

The backyard food bowl is open access. Even though it was intended for felines, we don’t object to any of the neighbors dropping by for a bite, as long as they behave themselves. No fighting, no wasting of food, and no destruction.

This guy (or gal–we’re not at all sure) drops by from time to time for a quick meal. Since he generally doesn’t show up until after the cats have taken their turn at the bowl, we don’t object.

He’s working the “so ugly he’s cute” thing, and doing a pretty good job of it, especially when he braces one of those little pink hands on the edge of the bowl.

We don’t have a name for him–actually, we don’t even know if it’s always the same one showing up, but we’ve never seen more than one possum at a time. Any suggestions?

One thought on “Meet the Neighbors 03

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