Meet the Neighbors 02

Welcome back to “Meet the Neighbors”.

This is Faux Tux.

No, not Pho Tux, though he’d probably enjoy a nice bit of beef tendon. Probably wouldn’t enjoy the peppers one bit. But I digress.

He got his name because at first we thought he was a tuxedo kitty like Watanuki. On further acquaintance, however, we realized that his white patches weren’t quite right. Looking closer, it became clear that his black areas aren’t actually black, either. He’s really a very dark grey tabby with tuxedo-like markings, so Faux Tux was the obvious name.

Faux Tux is quite subservient to Grey Tabby, and can often be seen not-so-patiently waiting for her to finish eating so he can have his chance at the bowl.

While Grey Tabby is a daily visitor to the backyard bowl, Faux Tux is much less regular in his visits. We’ll see him every day for a week or two, then he’ll vanish for the next couple of weeks. We suspected at first that he was an indoor/outdoor cat, but his lack of a collar and extreme skittishness suggest that the truth lies elsewhere. Perhaps he’s just got a case of wanderlust, dropping in when the fancy takes him, then moving on when the horizon calls.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Neighbors 02

  1. We’ve had a good number of cats over the years … the monochromes always seem to be the sweetest and the most interesting. (Polly, our only buff one, is quite disagreeable and hissy, but would agree with our assessment of monochrome cats … ) And, I’m especially fond of the tuxes (and the faux varieties, too) which seem to be the coolest ones of all. Faux Tux seems like a very good cat!


    • Sweet? Hah! You’ve clearly never met Mr. Watanuki, aka “Thugboy”. Maggie is the only one who has a chance of spending time around him without getting nibbled on. There’s a reason he heads up our home security squad.

      Interesting, I’ll give you. Quite the oddball is our ‘Nuki. And handsome, yes. Perhaps too handsome: I sometimes suspect it’s gone to his head in the form of some kind of celebrity entitlement syndrome.

      Faux Tux looks like he could be a sweetie, but the odds of getting close enough to him to find out seem to be pretty low.


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